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Since its gold gave me

measureless might,

now may its magic bring

death to whoever wears it!

It shall gladden

no happy man;

its bright gleam shall light

on no one lucky!

Whoever possesses it

shall be consumed with care,

and whoever has it not

be gnawed with envy!

Each shall itch

to possess it,

but none in it

shall find pleasure!

Its owner shall guard it profitlessly,

for through it he shall meet his executioner!

Forfeit to death,

faint with fear shall he be fettered;

the length of his life

he shall long to die,

the ring's master

to the ring a slave,

until again I hold in my hands

what was stolen!

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Roger Daltrey

"I would have to pay to make a record. There's no royalties so I can't see that ever happening. There's no record business. How do you get the money to make the records? I don't know.

"I'm certainly not going to pay money to give my music away free. I can't afford to do that. I've got other things I could waste the money on."

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The 20 Greatest Violinists http://

The 20 Greatest the musicians voted http:// Printre cei votati si cativa romani ... surpriza!

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The ECM sound is a trademark of the times, crystalline and reverberant, conveying both the intimacy of live performance and the warmth of a concert space.


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